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The Military Diet Plan

The 3 Day Military Diet Plan : Lose 5kg / 10 Pounds

How did the Military Diet remain off of my radar?

I know… an extremely awful joke, yet today is the first occasion I’ve heard about this unique diet plan.

The diet claim?

“A quick method to lose up to 5kg in 1 week.”

I’ll cover the entire thing in this article, alongside my opinions, testimonials, results, and so forth.

The Military Diet Grocery List & Menu Is Kind Of Funny

Not in a bad sense.

It just resembles an eating routine my grandparents would think of in the 30’s or 40’s.

(One of the meals is cheddar and saltine wafers with an apple, which is EXACTLY how my grandparents ate.)

When I was in primary school, my family didn’t have a ton of cash.
During that time I can recollect eating a considerable measure of Top Ramen, mac & cheese, fish sticks, & hot dogs.

As I got older, my father landed promotiond at his position and cash wasn’t as tight.

… however I ate like this until around middle school.

I additionally feel that in the 70’s a lot of families just ate this kind of stuff.

Day 1 of The Military Diet Plan

1/2 Grapefruit
1 Slice of Toast
2 Tablespoons of Peanut Butter
1 mug Coffee or Tea
1/2 measure of Tuna
1 cut of Toast
1 mug Coffee or Tea
3 ounces of Any Type of Meat
1 measure of Green Beans
1/2 Banana
1 little Apple
1 measure of Vanilla Ice Cream

Calories for the Day: Approximately 1400

Toast isn’t harmful, in spite of the what the present wellbeing and wellness articles would have you believe.

For dinner on day 1, you get 3 ounces of a meat.  That is quite a small amount of meat.

I’d presumably run with something like cuts of salami (likewise an old school 70’s bite to run with the topic).

Here’s the following day’s menu.

Day 2 of The Military Diet Plan

1 Egg
1 cut of Toast
1/2 Banana
1 mug Coffee or Tea
1 measure of Cottage Cheese
1 Hard Boiled Egg
5 Saltine Crackers
1 mug Coffee or Tea
2 Hot Dogs (without bun)
1 measure of Broccoli
1/2 measure of Carrots
1/2 Banana
1/2 measure of Vanilla Ice Cream

Calories for the Day: Approximately 1200

Around 5-6 years prior I chose to begin my day with 2 poached eggs, 2 bits of toast and a coffee.  I had been doing intermittent fasting for a couple of years in a row and required a break.

This breakfast functioned admirably for me.
It gave me energy to last until my exercise at 3:30.

Presently I begin the day with low fat carbs.

I do fine physically with intermittent fasting, yet my mind isn’t sharp after fasting for a long time.

This little breakfast had sufficiently low calories to keep me lean as when I was fasting yet enabled me to improve work.

I have never had a dinner with sausage and broccoli.

… yet vanilla ice cream is by all accounts a suitable desert for a hot dog meal.

The last day totally seems as though it was contrived by my grandpa.

I love it!

Day 3 of The Military Diet Plan

5 Saltine Crackers
1 cut of Cheddar Cheese
1 little Apple
1 mug Coffee or Tea
1 Hard Boiled Egg
1 cut of Toast
1 mug Coffee or Tea
1 measure of Tuna
1/2 Banana
1 measure of Vanilla Ice Cream

Calories for the Day: Approximately 1100

I’m speculating the banana acts like a chaser to get the taste of tuna out of your mouth.

I overdosed on fish in school, so I have a tough time with it now.

The breakfast would take genuine restraint for me.

Cheese and crackers are like a drug.

It is difficult to stop at only 5 crackers and one cut of cheese.

Who made the Military Diet?

It’s sort of a mystery.

It was only a little blog with a couple of pages made by somebody, sharing a speedy weight reduction hack that worked for them.

The thing turned into a web sensation and now it is one of the most highly searched diets online.

The Military Diet calories come in at around 800 – 1,100 calories for each day.

It works for weight reduction since this puts most people into a caloric deficit.

What I like about it?

It is a cheap way for somebody to drop weight rapidly.

Military Diet Grocery List for 3 Days

2 Bananas and 2 Apples
1 Jar of Peanut Butter
3 Ounces of Meat
1 Carton of Eggs
1 Grapefruit
Coffee or Tea
3 Cans of Tuna (in water)
1 Head of Broccolli
Entire Wheat Bread
Cheddar Cheese
1 Pack Hot Dogs
Saltine Crackers
Vanilla Ice Cream
Grean Beans

These are 16 different items that will last you, the whole 3 days of the diet plan.

As you can see this diet is very inexpesive to follow

The Military Diet plan is awesome because the health and fitness industry has become kind of snotty and expensive.

This diet is the EXACT opposite.

I think it is awesome that someone shared their unique and slightly odd combo of foods.

In a world of ketosis, gluten free, paleo, etc…

I also love it that this sort of diet went viral!
Instead of coffee?

A piece of toast and coffee!

A proven bio-hack my grandparents used long before most of us were born.

To whoever created this diet…Thank you.

This whole thing makes me smile.

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