Do Carbs Make You Fat? Heres A Picture Of A Lean Athlete On A High Carb Diet
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Do Carbs Make You Fat?

Do Carbs Make You Fat?

Do Carbs Make You Fat?
The first occassion I went on a diet was not long after I turned 18.

Around then…

We ate a HIGH carb fat free diet to lose weight.

The strategy was to have 5-6 little meals for each day.
With as minimal fat as possible.

An average meal would be a chicken breast and some steamed rice.

Chicken Breast

Canned tuna stuffed in water was also a staple.

Eggs were permitted, as long as you just ate the egg whites.

A typical diet breakfast in those days would be a 6 egg white omelet and a little bowl of oatmeal or a bit of entire wheat toast.

The thing is…

This high-carb low-fat eating routine worked extremely well to get lean.

This kind of eating regimen still works wonders.

In Fact, the most ripped guy I know eats high-carb and low fat.

Do Carbs Make You Fat? Heres A Picture Of Mark Who Has Been Using A High Carb Diet To sTay Ultra-Lean Year Round

Mark is an Olympic coach in Iceland, who accepts higher carb and low-fat slimming down is the most effortless approach to remain lean.

It also increases energy for athletic events.

Mark  hasn’t generally been ultra-lean this way.

He battled with weight for years until the point that he chose to increase carbs and DECREASE fat calories.

I recently asked him how low he goes with regards to eating fat.

The fundamental rule is 10% total calories or less. I would state I’m more similar to 8%. The thing is that yes, we require basic fats/smart fats, yet in truth we require next to none of it.

Mark is in his mid-40’s and is also Vegan.

I don’t know ANYONE who holds this low of muscle versus fat all year at this age (or some other age).

I’ve known Mark for a considerable length of time.

I’ve been so inspired by how strangely lean he stays all year that I’m as of now creating a course with him.

***2018 Update*** We have finished the course, Click here to check out High Carb Fat Loss

I’m not vegan and this post isn’t tied in with being vegetarian, it is about the way that carbs are NOT evil.

Some of the healthiest people I know eat a ton of carbs.

Insulin isn’t evil either.

Our body produces insulin for a reason.

I will attempt to clear up some confusion in this article.

The Body Struggles to Convert Carbs to Fat

Do Carbs Make You Fat?

In spite of what many would have you believe…

Carbs alone aren’t what will make you fat.

The process of changing over carbs to fat is called De Novo Lipogenesis.

Glucose gets transformed into lipids, which at that point gets stored as body fat.

Changing over carbs to fat regularly doesn’t occur to a large extent.

Here’s the reason.

1. Your body stores carbs you eat as glycogen, BEFORE attempting to store it as fat.

2. The metabolism likewise increases with increased carbs,in an attempt to burn these extra calories

A normal individual can store around 500 grams (2,000 calories) worth of carbs in their skeletal muscles and liver.


When you work out, it tends to empty out a portion of the glycogen put away in your muscles and liver.

Carbs you eat for the duration of the day will get used for fuel.

After that…

… any extra carbs will start to renew glycogen in the muscles.

Only AFTER this will carbs be transformed into fat.

My cardio course is tied in with keeping glycogen reserves low with particular cardio intensities to guarantee the food you eat won’t get stored as fat.

Do Carbs Make You Fat? Heres A Picture Of A Lean Athlete On A High Carb Diet

There was an investigation some time ago where the objective was to attempt to see and measure fat gain with massive carb intakes.

The examination is titled:

Glycogen storage capacity and de novo lipogenesis during massive carbohydrate overfeeding in man.

Here’s a passage from an article which completes a strong activity outlining the examination:

“It was only then, after energy expenditure was induced by record levels and glycogen stores were superdupersaturated, after about 5 days of 1000 grams of carbs/d, did appreciable amounts of dietary carbs start to show up in fat. Insulin levels tripled. The participants could barely do it. They were cramming bagels down their throats while the researchers were begging them to persevere.

In other words, the participants could hardly eat enough carbs per day to get any of those carbs stored as fat.

My friend Mark, who remains around 5%-6% body fat all year discloses to me he needs to force himself to eat else he gets “freaky lean”.

A truly fascinating part of the investigation was that metabolism increased by 35% with this carb heavy diet.

Do carbs make you fat & what are the effects of going low carb?

I have seen when I go low carb my body gets cold.

I’m convinced this is because of my metabolism backing off a bit.

Substantial Insulin Spikes Stop the Burning of Body Fat

When you eat carbs, the body releases insulin to utilize glucose for energy.

Insulin changes the body from consuming fat for fuel to consuming carbohydrates energy for fuel.

The body starts to consume glucose and glycogen.

So any energy expended will be from ingested or stored “carb energy”.

The low-carb technique for fat loss truly likes to stress this insulin raising effect of eating carbs.

Next to no fat is being utilized for fuel when insulin is spiked.
Here’s an issue many individuals don’t consider.

Portion size, regardless of if you eat low-carb, can cause insulin spikes.

This is one reason I’m convinced that low-carb diets have never worked for me.

I jump at the chance to eat less, however bigger meals.

This is a terrible system when you go low carb because you are getting an insulin spike in the precense of high dietary fat.

I’ll cover why this is awful in the following segment.

Dietary Fat Gets Stored as Body Fat When Insulin is Spiked

If it is hard for carbs to get converted into to fat…

Do Carbs Make You Fat & How Would They Cause Weight Gain?

At the point when insulin is spiked, the greater part of the fat calories consumed get stored as fat.

So eating carbs ensures that a considerable measure of the fat you eat gets stored as body fat.

In the event that you are eating in a deficit this is certainly not a major deal, since you will in the end use that fat for fuel anyway.

Here’s the reason the low-carb development confuses me.

Indeed, the insulin spike is making the fat get stored as body fat.


It is the FAT getting stored, NOT the carbs (generally).

Why don’t we just look at decreasing the amount fat we consume?

Do Carbs Make You Fat When Consumed With Very Little Fat?

For a high-capacity eater like me, I do ALOT better consuming a lower fat diet.

The manner in which I eat, will undoubtedly have a large insulin response.

Any fat I eat during a meal will most likely be getting stored as body fat.

I also like being active.

For me…
Carbs = Full Muscles, Less Body Fat and More Energy.

I honestly feel skinny fat and cold following a couple of weeks of going low carb.

Low-carb diet plans CAN work for others…

I simply needed to call attention to it doesn’t function admirably for everybody.

My friend Mark says that he eats carbs until the point when he is full.

As long as he keeps the percentage of fat calories below 10% of total daily calories, he remains ultra-lean.

Do Carbs Make You Fat? Heres A Picture Of Marks Arm

He sent me this photo of his arm a week ago. It’s insane how you can see every individual muscle.

So Do Carbs Make You Fat?

They CAN add to it if you eat consume alot of fat with those carbs.

Carbs alone are very rarerly the issue.

Low-carb diets are extremely popular at this moment.

They simply aren’t the ONLY approach that works.

Truth be told, I’d argue that low-fat diet plans are a more successful approach to get and remain lean.

I figure a ton of it relies on your dietary preferences.

My main point?

Simply understand that there are various methods that work.

You have alternatives.

Do carbs Make You Fat & What Is The Better Diet Choice?

We trust a high carb low fat diet is a superior choice.

Here’s the link to our course once more:

High Carb Fat Loss

Best wishes,

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